Ideas4Culture is a management consultancy network that support organizations in harnessing their (inter)cultural dynamics as key drivers for reaching their goals and targets. Ideas4Culture is based in the Netherlands and is partner of the Hofstede Centre in Finland.

Our mission is to integrate (inter) cultural disciplines, models and theory that work for our clients in their day-to-day operations. Working practices that go beyond intercultural awareness. We support organizations and individuals to adapt effectively in today’s complex world of international business.

Using existing tension between groups, we enable clients to unleash their creative potential in finding their own unique solutions.  We combine hard, scientifically validated, models with the latest developments in social science research, and we provide executive coaching and mediation. We practice what we preach. We build on years of experience working and holding line-responsibilities and management positions in the international, corporate and non-corporate world.

Juanita Wijnands

In 2008, Juanita started Ideas4Culture, a management consultancy group with expertise in intercultural management and organizational culture.

In the past 20 years Juanita has worked intensively with renowned international and national companies, non-profit institutions and (semi)-government organizations. The range of topics and themes has been broad and divers. She has been active as interculturalist and has served as consultant and facilitator on all levels in organizations, including top management. Juanita have been team-leader of multifunctional and multicultural teams and have held line-management positions with turnover and revenue responsibilities.Juanita_Wijnands_1x1

She was born and raised in Venezuela. Juanita has always worked for international companies, furthermore she has worked and lived in Asia, Latin America and Europe. She has facilitated courses and training sessions in India, USA, Latin America and Europe. Juanita has developed various programmes including Web-Based Training Modules, Moodle open-source programmes, intercultural assessment centres, facilitation programmes for Russian/Dutch politicians, competencies and skills-building modules for judges, as well as diversity programmes for leading Dutch banks.

Juanita is also a certified coach and a registered NMI mediator. Juanita is bilingual in Dutch and English, fluent in Spanish and has a working knowledge of Portuguese, French and German.

It is my belief that hard-skills are most effective and powerful when they are combined with well-developed people skills, which are attuned to the context of a given situation. Embedded in the fabric of an organization, intercultural competencies lift people and organizations to the next level. Culture is context and context is culture (quote Clifford Geertz). With diversity as a given, it has become imperative for people of different backgrounds to develop new ways of connecting, engaging and communicating with each other. In short developing organizational and personal adaptivity is what it is all about. – Juanita Wijnands –